Product Uses

Marine Formula removes polyurethane adhesives and sealants including cured and uncured 3M™5200, 4200 and 4000 & Sika™ 291 adhesives - and it really works. 

Marine Formula is the only patented product, specifically designed to break the bonds of polyurethane & silicone adhesives. This handy product will take the headache out of replacing and resealing deck hardware, hatches and thru-hull fittings. 

DeBond Marine Formula also works extremely well at removing all masking tape, shrink wrap tape, Duct Tape adhesives, vinyl lettering and black rub marks. It will not harm fiberglass, any two part paint systems, or Plexiglas. 
Other Popular Uses Include: 
  • Graffiti from spray can paints
  • Safe on clear coat 
  • Cleans vinyl and Rub rails
  • Loosens stuck screws and bolts (SS and Aluminum Dissimilar metals) 
  • Cleans Duct tape and all Masking tape adhesives off fiberglass and cars/glass
  • Removes wet silicone rubber
  • Removes decal and letter tape adhesives and Shrink wrap tape and adhesive
  • Cleans electrical connections/ battery terminals
  • Cleans tree sap and lubricates chain saws/garden clippers
  • Breaks the bond of Liquid Nails® and construction adhesives
Available in 4 sizes:
4 oz. Non-aerosol
12 oz.
1 Gallon version